Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Stage Obesity...I A'int Got Time For That!

In the doctor's office, sitting uncomfortably on the table in a tacky, paper thin hospital gown. I'm wondering if my exam will be good because it's been over a year since my last exam. The doctor enters and introduce herself and ask me a few quick questions. Listening as she reviews my chart that includes the baseline vitals just taken by the nurse. 

Peering up from my chart, the doctor doesn't hesitate to tell me that I am registering at first stage obesity. I look at her perplexed and start to debate her findings. She doesn't seem to care about my excuses that I argue about my current eating and exercise habits. Quickly, I own up to the fact that I need to lose weight and eat healthier. 

Admitting the truth is the first stage to doing something about it! I take the first step and join the #TotalFit Challenge and a Whole Living hybrid detox plan. 

I'm on my second day of this journey and am feeling a wide array of feelings, moods and pains. All and all, I am happy with my progress and the willingness to do something different. There's a saying, "nothing changes, if nothing changes."

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