Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day Two - Anguilla

I awake up aboard my 34-foot Hunter sailboat that is anchored at the small port city of Marigot on the French side of St. Martin island in the Caribbean.  I would take in a deep breath of the Caribbean sea breeze. As I watch the sun rise on the horizon, I'd eat breakfast consisting of eggs over easy with cheese, turkey bacon, pancakes and a tall glass of orange juice. 
After breakfast, I start my day by visiting the port city of Marigot before embarking on an adventurous tour of both the French and Dutch side of the island. After, touring the island, I'd spend time snorkeling, fishing and talking to ex-pats and locals before responding quickly to business emails and checking my web-based business.
As dusk begins, I aboard my sailboat and head to Anguilla for dinner and to map out the next island destination as I live my dream of sailing the Caribbean and working remotely.

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