Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day Three - Freedom

An awesome breakfast from the Adare Manor
As I traveled from Dublin to the Rings of Kerry in Ireland, I felt the gratitude and freedom of running my graphic design business remotely. I traveled lightly, a suitcase and black backpack that housed my 13-inch MacBook, blue-tooth mouse and charger. All that was needed to communicate with my clients back in the U.S. was a cafe or hotel with Wi-Fi. My favorite cafe was a quaint coffee shop in the city center of Limerick called Arabica. The staff was very friendly and the hot chocolate was to die for. I nestled myself in the corner facing the street to make sure I wouldn't miss anyone passing by and then I would work on current projects and call clients if needed using Google voice. I definitely felt the business freedom that my skills and technology afforded me. During the trip to Ireland, I made up my mind to make a go at life on these terms.
Business came second only to adventure during my travel across the pond. I've been a die-hard fisherman since a little boy and enjoy ed the opportunity of fishing for mackerel in the Atlantic Ocean from high atop the cliffs in the town of Doolin. Although Ireland is known for constant rain or mist, on this day there were no clouds in sight and the sun shined bright. 
Castles everywhere, what a grand sight, very different than the silos and barns I see in southern rural Virginia.  Another adventure that resonates with me was the time I spent the night in Adare Manor.  Adare Manor is a 19th-century castle located on the banks of the River Maigue in the village Adare County, and now a 5-star luxury resort hotel. The manicured grounds and enormous stone facade was very impressive. After checking in, I was escorted to my room which was magnificent and romantic. For me, sleeping in a castle was never on my 'to do list' however, I'm thankful that I don't limit my adventures to a prescribed list.The freedom of adventure never stops amazing me, I've found all that is needed is a desire to let go of my expectations and perspective and allow the light within me to express itself.
My adventures did not stop there, Spain and Italy was next.

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